What is left to say:
January 20, 2011

The last guests left the open space party in the early morning hours about one week ago. And then the clean up efforts and and dismantling jobs of the 7th Swan Lake Moving image and Music award started.

For this reason the time has come to thank all the people who made this unique event happen. First of all we want to thank the sponsors. We would never have been able to implement our ideas without their help. The support of the sponsors motivated us a lot. The referees, who came from far away were very interested and open for our ideas and enriched us with their expert knowledge. We also thank all of the creative film makers from all over the world who send own films to us. Then the jury members, who evaluated and voted for the best films. We are very thankful to our musicians who rocked the stage and the club at all three nights. We also thank our professors and academics who stood advisedly by our side. And not to forget the many workshop participants from whole Germany and all the creatives, who got crazy about our project. Thank you so much for your support! You made the Swan Lake Moving Image& Music Awards 2011 to unforgettable three days!

We got rewarded for a year of hard work, we encouraged the international team spirit, socialized, saw great films and could visited fascinating lectures and workshops. A team of almost 100 students made this possible. Many nights and days passed by since the first ideas were transformed in reality. We were longing for the event of the SL:MIMA 2011 for so long and in the end they were over too quickly. We had a lot of fun to organize this event for you and with you.
Thank you very much!!

And the WINNERS are ...
January 12, 2011

Here are the winners of the Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Awards 2011:

Animation Category:

1. '43 - Fourty Three' by Jonathan Mortimer (UK)

2. 'Narrative Line' by Javier Villegas (US)

3. 'Blue' by Greta Stančiauskaitė (LT/FI)


Digital Film Category:

1. 'Running against Time' by Christoph Schaarschmidt (DE)

2. 'Ash' by Christian Abel (DE)

3. 'Bilbo the Clown' by Timmi Davis (DE)


Interactive Movie Category (not available online)

1. 'How Would You Decide?' by Nora Dobosi (HU)

2. 'Blastars' by Kristin Damm and Christoph Andrä (DE)

3. 'Bunny Hop' by Bernhardt Schmidt (DE)


Jury's Special Mention for Technical 'Innovation in Video Production':

'Deconstruct' by Tina Brown (DE)


Audience award:

'My Soul Covers Your Inside' by Atilla Balogh (HU)

Special Prize: Red Bull Award

Red Bull has awarded a paid production for a promotional film. The winner of this special price is Christoph Schaarschmidt with his film 'Running Against Time'.

Congratulation to all the winners on your excellent work and great prizes you have received.

The red carpet will be rolled out - Only for you!
January 12, 2011

We spare no effort to prepare an unforgettable evening for you. So come to Studio B at the University of Applied Science Mittweida and enjoy the winning films of the Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Awards 2011. Adorable short films, wonderful piano music and delicious appetizers wait for you. Our pianist Heinrich Mende will lead you thorugh the evening.

We look forward to see you!

Studio B at the University of Applied Science Mittweida
Entrance: 19.00 / 7 p.m.
Start: 20.00 / 8 p.m.

"Lonesome cowboy on the front"
January 12, 2011

A bit like in a museum is how the participants certainly felt at the presentation about “machines which have written history of filming”, as they entered the conference room in building 4 of the University of Applied Science Mittweida. Several bulky metal boxes, laying on the tables, turned out to be monuments of the history of filming in the course of Ferenc Kelle. At the beginning Kelle made it clear that his film cameras are his treasures. "I can not tell you which one I like the most but I can confirm that my cameras are all female”. In matter of fact, Kelle depicted with great passion to details, how the camera technology was changing over time. However one fact remained the same: "A camera is a tool but not like a planer, lathe or saws," he says. With his brought along exhibits, many were older than 50 years, he illustrated his statements, and managed to impress the audience over and over again, despite the length of seven hours talk time. One highlight was certainly the brought along high-speed camera which shoots up to 4000 images per second and is identical to the model, which filmed the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima. At the end of the presentation there was an experiment in which the participants should try to follow with a tripod a lying teight. The difficulty, however, was that the tripod is controlled via two separately operating wheels. But even this hurdle could be overcome and the participants pelt Ferenc Kelle with questions at the end, which shows that they had as much fun with the presentation as Kelle himself.

The implementation of music videos

That mother and father give lectures on music videos is certainly not very common. At the latest when Frank Hoffmann was pithily saying things like "The lead singer is good, the rest is cheesy and the drummer has a shitface" in the lecture "The right images to the music" got in, was when the last person in the room realized that “mother and father” is a production company which is also dealing with music videos. So the trio already produced videos for “Deichkind”, “Wir sind helden” and “Tokyo Hotel”. In addition to the typical flow of a music production, Hoffmann also explained that the music market was in a crisis from which the industry is now slowly rising again. Nevertheless, the motto “saving money” still remains. How succeed? Hoffmann said: "Dark is the new bright" and "lone wolf on the front, we have to win wars!"

What is behind this not entirely serious advice Massuda Kassem also made clear: ". The film music market is bigger in the U.S., the movies cost more" The average German music film production costs about 30,000 €. This is not a lot, "if you consider that the Lady Gagas video for “telephone "has cost about a million," said Frank Hoffmann. The audience followed the two presenters excitedly by the variety of theory and stories of their professional life which never got boring. The presentation also both covert the issue GEMA and YouTube. Hoffmann: "myvideo has reached an agreement with GEMA, but I want to watch music videos and don't want to see butter commercial before".

Selection of the set is very important

A very instructive and interesting workshop was succeeded by Norbert Kneissl, who drew attention in 'planning and implementation of a promotional film "with group work. The groups developed a program based on factors that dealt with the preproduction, production and post production. Norbert Kneissl helped with his tips and the summery of the most important charachteristics to provide a good basis for planning a promotional film. By including a real promotional film he highlighted the importance of precise planning and rounded up his narrative with stories of his professional life. The participants also received comprehensive answers to their questions about the legislation, funding and proper selection of set, clothing and actors. Finally, Kneissl gave a wisdom along the way: "The choice of location, can mess up an entire rotation."

111dB for victory
January 12, 2011

A couple of things some people only can paint with crayons, our visitors could experience at the Street Art Battle on Thursday at the Studentenclub Mittweida. Two teams, one with men and one with women, had not only to prove their art of drawing, but also their spontaneity. The theme was “Aliens”. The men were ahead by a nose at the end. “The atmosphere was excellent, even though there could have been a little more visitors”, tells Marcel Gräfe shortly after the event. The mix between music and art worked brilliantly and will maybe continue someday in Mittweida.