Award Rules

  • Submission to the award programme is free of charge.
  • The same work may not be entered twice or in different categories. 
  • Employees and staff of the organisers, sponsors and patrons of the Swan Lake: Moving Image and Music Award as well as jury members are excluded from participation.
  • For organisational reasons, we require that you register your entry ONLINE. On successful registration the entrants gain access to the download area at where high quality MP3 format tracks may be downloaded for the clip production.
  • All award programme entries must be submitted in MPEG2 format (PAL) on a DVD.
  • In case of 'Interactive Movies' all entries need to be delivered physically on a CD or a DVD:
    • The size of the screen should lie between 360x288 pixels (quarter PAL) and 720x576 (PAL)
    • The following formats will be accepted: Shockwave (DCR), Flash (SWF), Flash video (FLV), Director Projector and interactive DVD. Other formats upon request.
    • The interaction must take place using the mouse, keyboard, DVD controller or an ambient interface.
  • The entries need to be posted to the following address:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert J. Wierzbicki
    Gutenbergstr. 2A
    91058 Erlangen

  • The deadline for the submission of entries for the SL:MIMA 2011 is 21. November 2010
  • The videos should not contain any information like web address, producer name, texts in a trailer etc. which might help identify the author.
  • The following subsidiary material in English should be submitted together with your entry (in print and in a digital format, e.g. .doc or .pdf file on CD-ROM):

    • A signed copy of the entry form
    • A one A4 sheet describing the methods and techniques used for the creation of the video (in English). Each award programme entry has to be labelled on this A4 sheet with the selected track data and information about the producer(s) – name, full address and e-mail address of the entrants are required. Entries without the requested accompanying materials will not be accepted.
    • A short CV and a photograph of the producer in English. All entries have to be complete and ready to screen video clips. No drafts, demonstrations or unfinished prototypes will be accepted.

  • Originals sent to the award will not be returned, so you should keep a copy for your own use.
  • Postage and packing costs are responsibility of the entrants.
  • Upon receipt of your entry, you will be sent a confirmation receipt.
  • All jury decisions are final.
  • The material submitted to the award programme remains the property of the artist and may not be modified, changed in any way or used in whole or in part for the production of any other work.
  • The author has the right to be identified as the author of the submitted work. No public presentation or any other release is permitted without crediting the author.
  • Entry to the award programme constitutes the transfer of rights to the use of the award programme entry, specifically the right to its demonstration in public either in whole or in part or to its distribution in whole or in part on a "Special Event Reel", the web platform or similar, relating to the award programme. Furthermore, the entrant acknowledges all the terms of the award’s agreement.
  • The submitted work may be used by SL:MIMA without any restrictions or written permission in all presentations, TV broadcasting, CD/DVD productions, CD/DVD compilations and advertisements (Internet, CD-ROM, TV, print).
  • SL:MIMA has an unlimited right to use the submitted material for distribution on DVDs and other media, especially the right to distribute the video material to labels and broadcasting companies.
  • In case of a commercial production the author is entitled to royalties arising out of the final product and a copy of the final product.
  • Award-nominees will be notified beforehand. The presence of the nominees at the Award-Giving-Ceremony in Mittweida is strongly recommended.